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1.9.2 bugs

by Anonymous on 31 Aug 2009 still doesnt work. Hq/normal quality, nothing gets logged
-Metacafe. Everything (from images to videos) hits the log. Only videos downloaded tough but the log gets pretty ugly.

All the rest seems to be working as they should, nice jobe ;)

5 Answers

by Anonymous on 31 Aug 2009


TUBE8 always gives me a DOWNLOAD_ERR on the log.

by Anonymous on 31 Aug 2009

And you did check that your /var/spool/videocache owners are right? They are defaulted to squid:squid which isnt right in some installs (like in pfsense )

by Anonymous on 31 Aug 2009


The owners on my folder are correct. All the other folders are working properly and they have the same owner permissions.


by C.Lee Taylor on 11 Sep 2009

Install videocache-1.9.2-1.noarch.rpm in CentOS 5.3 is reporting the following error ...

Downloading Packages:
Running rpm_check_debug
ERROR with rpm_check_debug vs depsolve:
rpmlib(FileDigests) is needed by videocache-1.9.2-1.noarch
(1, ['Please report this error in bugzilla'])
by Kulbir Saini on 12 Sep 2009


Can you please use tar.gz file to install videocache? Its as simple as using the rpm. Please follow the instruction on installation page.

Thank You!