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1.9.3 - Youtube still not working

by Tristram on 2 Apr 2010

After cleaning out the system of 1.9.2 and ending up reloading the OS I'm sitll having problems with 1.9.3 not downloading youtube at all. I Have tested with a metacafe video and that works fine

Here is a dump of my log file

Does anyone have 1.9.3 caching youtube yet?

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by Kulbir Saini on 3 Apr 2010


Thanks for reporting. Actually the acls were wrong (my bad). Please use the new acls from installation page and restart squid process. That'll resume youtube caching.

Thank you!

by Tristram on 3 Apr 2010


Thanks for the response, It seems that a small amount of youtube is now working but alot is still missing the download

As you can see in that log file, the video I was trying to watch which is

Would not download but a couple of other videos in that file did like

by Kulbir Saini on 4 Apr 2010


It must be a temporary problem. Here my videocache deployment is able to cache it successfully.

Thank You!

by Tristram on 4 Apr 2010

Is this just going to be another change to the squid ACL's or will be a full update to 1.9.4?

It would be nice to have an eta for a fix aswell if your willing to give one

by arios on 4 Apr 2010

i have same issue , it sometime can cache , but sometime only show "video was not found in cache" but didnt do download.
also sometime it cant download with error "error occured while retrieving the video"

by miya on 4 Apr 2010

hi kulbir,

i updated the ACLs lastnight and came to know this morning that only few youtube videos are cached or downloaded(as seen in the log "DOWNLOAD YOUTUBE 23405646 Video was downloaded and cached") and there are also videos that are not cached (as seen also in the log " DOWNLOAD_ERR YOUTUBE An error occured while retrieving the video")just like lastnight after the ACL updates. But, past 12nn i found out that no more videos are downloaded and i cant even see that there are download misses in the log file.

those videos that are not downloaded or cached, i investigated them. i tried retrieving them using a real player directly on the youtube web, they cant be downloaded. while those others that are downloaded using realplayers, they are downloaded or cached successfully. that was early this morning. but, past 12nn when i noticed that no videos are downloaded anymore, i cant download everything from youtube using realplayer.:(

there are 60 DOWNLOAD_ERRs and 320 DOWNLOAD YOUTUBEs in my log file, from 11p last night until 12nn today.

what could the problem? i mean, i followed everything. rechecked my server setup etc.

please help.



by Kulbir Saini on 5 Apr 2010

Miya, Arios,

These issues have been resolved in version 1.9.4 and you are already using the new version. Thanks for co-operating via email and helping in debugging the problem.

Thank You!

by Luly on 30 Aug 2010

hola muchachosmi oregunta es si la version 1.9.5 esta desarrollada para cachear todos los videos de youtube o solo algunos..
muchisimas gracias!

by Kulbir Saini on 1 Sep 2010


Videocache version 1.9.5 work perfectly. Please contact us in case you have a problem.

Thank You!