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by stivi on 7 Apr 2010


I had the videocache 1.9.2 and everything worked ok, but for some time, without any configuration changes, most attempts to download from youtube she fails: DOWNLOAD_ERR YOUTUBE.

Likewise, in the case of 1.9.3 and 1.9.4

Videocache logs from version 1.9.4:

8 Answers

by arios on 8 Apr 2010

are you using proxy in videocache.conf ?

by stivi on 8 Apr 2010

Yes, i do, but without the proxy is the same.

by arios on 8 Apr 2010

i have this problem before , because i have very active proxy about 50-100 request per minute and youtube sometime told my ip need to insert captcha image. i solved this problem with give multiple ip (10 ip now) and do round robin for videocache to request download from youtube.

my suggestion , install new proxy box + videocache , and use it only by you. tried to browse youtube and see any error log inside, if it worked fine without error issue then you must have same problem like me.

ps : use fresh cache directory as well

by Tristram on 8 Apr 2010

Also seeing this with 1.9.4

2010-04-07 03:57:41,823 10098 XXX.XXX.132.20 XIjBxrQZGyk ALTERNATE_URL_OPEN_ERR YOUTUBE HTTP ERROR : 403 : An error occured while retrieving the alternate vi$
2010-04-07 03:57:42,299 10098 XXX.XXX.132.20 XIjBxrQZGyk DOWNLOAD_HTTP_ERR YOUTUBE HTTP ERROR : 403 : An error occured while retrieving the video.  http://ww$
by arios on 9 Apr 2010

i only can say , i got my 1.9.4 worked fine

i told you already to test without any user except yourself , if it not work then must be config issue , but if it work good then the problem must be your ip did too many request to youtube and sometime get error on downloading.

by stivi on 16 Apr 2010

You were right.
I ran an additional instance of squid, with multiple ip, and now is ok.

by Tristram on 20 Apr 2010

How exactly are you setting up squid and video cache to do round robbin for youtube?

by eugenevdm on 20 Jun 2010

I have the same question. Please could some provide a quick setup guide for "setting up squid and videocache to do round robin for youtube"?