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by mkassem on 10 Oct 2011

Dear Kulbir,

I am currently having a small problem when upgrade to 1.9.9. My previous setup of 1.9.8 was working great when serving videos and caching videos. Currently, when I fixed the conf file accordingly, i am getting in videocache.log the following error and I cant figure out why:

10/Oct/2011:13:56:06 1740 ERROR - - APACHE_403_ERR - HTTP 403 or Access Denied while navigating to http://x.x.x.x/videocache/. Please verify that Apache has read access to the following directory /cache/videocache/. If you changed base_dir option in /etc/videocache.conf, please run vc-update and restart Apache webserver. And finally reload/restart Squid daemon. -

To start with, i am using nginx and the conf hasnt changed, and it still has read access to the DIR... another problem I am facing is that sometimes not all youtube requests are being cached... only 1 out of 10 or even more... like 1/20 requests. The rest it says that youtube cache miss and it doesnt submit the file to vc-schedular and vc-scheduler is on and working. here is my conf:


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by Kulbir Saini on 13 Oct 2011

Hi Maher,

Please check if you can access the videocache via web on the proxy server itself. That should shed some light on 403 error.

Another thing, the proxy option in your videocache.conf should have http:// in the beginning.

Also, the youtube videos with 11 character video ID are cached and not the ones with the 16 character video id. BTW, did you replace the videocache specific rules in squid.conf in accordance with the new version?

Thank You!

by mkassem on 14 Oct 2011

Dear Kulbir,

I replaced them with the squid 2 conf, but I was just wondering, why is it that the video id's that are 16 are not cached? I will look deeper into the 403 issue I think it might be an issue with older ubuntu and splitting partitions and the such, it seems as if sometimes it becomes inaccessible for a moment. Thanks in advanced.

Thanks a lot in advanced.

by Kulbir Saini on 15 Oct 2011

Hi Maher,

Don't worry about the videos with 16 character video id not being cached. That's how it is supposed to be :-) Let me know when you fix the HTTP 403 issue.

Thank You!

by mkassem on 9 May 2012

Dear Kulbir,

The problem with 403 is the following from my nginx logs -> "GET /videocache/ HTTP/1.1" 403 169 "-" "Python-urllib/2.7. It seems that python-urllib tries to authenticate or something along those lines with nginx, which does not support authentication (like in apache). It happens about every 30 minutes or so, a bunch of 403 access denied's will come, and then it will work fine after a few seconds. The issue hasnt been fixed, but its not effecting the work negatively, so I just ignored it. It seems though that its some sort of incompatible of python-urllib with nginx on some level. Maybe futher investigation into the issue is not a bad idea.


by Kulbir Saini on 9 May 2012

Hi Maher,

Videocache is not trying to authenticate. It's just checking if your web server is working fine. Please ignore these errors.

Thank You!