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2 problems with 1.9.1

by nima0102 on 15 Mar 2009

thanks for you rewriter program
I have 2 problem with this program
1- when I click on a video on youtube or google then video is buffering and downloading, while downloading video I decide to cancel download (some reason ;)) and close that windows but downloading is continued so that download is completed, this behavior is not true,is there any way for solve this problem????

2-while downloading form youtube or google for some reasons the download stream is drop (for connection problem) and download is stop,in fact amount of that video is downloaded on storage,but when I click on that video again, I can only see up to part of video that already downloaded and is not resumed downloading can I solve this problem ???

thanks for any help or guidance

3 Answers

by Kulbir Saini on 15 Mar 2009


  1. Actually squid doesn't pass any information to videocache or any other plugin if a download/stream is canceled by the end user due to some reasons. So, videocache can't really help in this case.
  2. This is a known problem and I am looking for fixing this in future versions.

Thank you for reporting the problems.

by nima0102 on 16 Mar 2009

thanks for your attention

1-regarding to first problem,but when I configure squid without cachevideos, after closing related winodow to that video, squid stop downloading.

2-my idea is, because youtube and other video sharing sites do not support good resuming, It is better, cachevideo before retrieve that video from cache, check size that video against original size on youtube site, if size be the same then retrive from cache else remove that video from cache and again download from original site

i hope that your program be better than before :)

by Kulbir Saini on 16 Mar 2009


  1. Squid can sense it because it has full control over the socket to the client but it doesn't care about sending the same information to the client :(
  2. I got your idea and looking for ways to raise an exception whenever networks goes down or there is some download problem.

Thank for your interest :)