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Cache is OK, but when I put on my network,the cache begining to be slow

by stevens144 on 16 Jul 2009

Hello guys,
First congratulations for this project, I haven't see better project than this about cache videos.

But i think that i have a simple question...
when i put the cache on my network... cache begining to be slow...
i dont know why exactly, my cache is running on a Intel Dual Core 2.6GHz, 4gb ddr2, 160Gb SataII, Server Ubuntu 8.04 2.6.24-23-server. My gateway is a machine mikrotik "P4 3.0" and running alright, i just make a dst-nat on 80 port to my Cachevideos server, when the traffic becoming to be fast, the pages dont refresh and lose conection.

i already change Ulimit, to 8192 but dont make diference... the traffic reach at 2mb.

1 Answers

by stevens144 on 20 Jul 2009

Problem Fixed! Thanks a lot!
i dontg know exactly what i do, but i make a rule on mikrotik that accept conecctions from proxy, and disable rules like "--state" stablished related invalid