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cache youtube

by Anonymous on 7 Nov 2008



installing the solution to this cache but it only working for the red tube and demias's not true, done after the cache of video when I saw him again he's the following message we re sorry this video is no longer available

what could be

I look forward thanks

my dist
Mandriva Linux 2008,1
squid 3.0
apache 2.2
python 2.9

18 Answers

by lopan on 7 Nov 2008

Hi bruno,

Can you give more information about this problem? Follow the log file and get the exactly moment when error occur. I have a poor performance and can have relation with this bug. In my case, the youtube_cache not download some links. He schedule for download but can't get a flv, return this message: DOWNLOAD_ERR YOUTUBE An error occured while retrieving the video.

by Kulbir Saini on 7 Nov 2008

Hi bruno!

Please check the answer to first question in errors section on faqs page. That should solve your problem.

See the cache_host reference as well.

by bruno on 7 Nov 2008

good morning

lopan in the log files the first time that he spends the movie, the
the second time that I watch the movie and it opens the log, stores the video
All right, when I load the video again opens the log ee
again in a new video but not loads is stopped with the phrase

Admin will see the section if it persists errro the report again if it
a report also required

by bruno on 7 Nov 2008

Admin to this situation the following



cache_host put in the ip of eth1 or eth0?


by Kulbir Saini on 7 Nov 2008

Put cache_host= . That is your internal IP and only you and people on your local are network will be able to access the videos served by youtube cache.

by bruno on 7 Nov 2008

Admin is exactly this that put ip and not sure I am going to redo the system and see what happens

by Kulbir Saini on 7 Nov 2008

Ok. Start afresh and follow the instructions for install from source and in case something fails just report back :)


by bruno on 7 Nov 2008

necessary to change the address of rcp_host? for my ip address, or change the pattern loopback

Still not satisfied the cache on youtube me of the same sentence

by bruno on 7 Nov 2008

details my apache server only this did not start any kind of setting it. As for the log of youtube_cache it shows access to the site shows that the page was stored, but in time to pass the video he will not start the cache

by bruno on 7 Nov 2008

when I try to pass the video shows him that sentence for min and in the log file shows he NEW_URL

by Kulbir Saini on 7 Nov 2008

No need. Keep the rpc_host= . It'll work fine with default settings.

by bruno on 7 Nov 2008

what I find most funny is the cache in redtue running smoothly and on youtube which is the best known of it MESSAGEN

by Kulbir Saini on 7 Nov 2008

I am sorry but I couldn't understand what you are trying to say in this comment :(

by Kulbir Saini on 7 Nov 2008

Can you please upload your youtube_cache.log file somewhere?

by Kulbir Saini on 7 Nov 2008

Thats indeed funny. May be something wrong with your installation. Or just a problem with the directory permission in /var/spool/squid/video_cache.

by bruno on 7 Nov 2008

tar be my log file and my cache file and sending in your e-mail ^^

by bruno on 17 Nov 2008

hi my friend kuilbir... i see very post reply rsrsrs congratulation your solution and sorry long time no post, because my work is very hard .... my problem in cache_youtube is permission group and users
Now function oks no problem thanks soo long man

by Kulbir Saini on 17 Nov 2008

I am happy to see that your youtube cache finally worked :) Have fun caching and do share your experience once you are done caching tons of videos :)