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Cannot access videocache folder via explorer? plz help

by Anonymous on 26 Mar 2009

I have installed videocache on squid ... I have checked in the file and the folders and found that it is working ... but, i cannot access cached movies the second time i try to view ... when i ried to access the videocache folder via explorer, i get folder forbidden and i cannot access!!! is there somthing missing in my configuration?

1 Answers

by Kulbir Saini on 26 Mar 2009


Your security settings might be denying you the access. Here is a checklist

  1. Check if your caching directory has squid:squid as owner:group and the permissions are 755 or at least 744.
  2. Check if your selinux is disabled. Sometimes it interferes with Apache.
  3. Check the access and error logs for Apache.

If you still face the problem, get back.

Thank You!