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connection abort problem

by nilhari on 23 Aug 2009

When i apply full load on squid server with video cache after 2 hours it start with following error

2009/08/23 18:04:57| comm_old_accept: FD 33: (53) Software caused connection abort
2009/08/23 18:04:57| httpAccept: FD 33: accept failure: (53) Software caused connection abort

after that XMLRPCServer connection error starts and never getting connect without restarting.

what could be reason for same ? following is my RAM AND CPU.
No load at all by i dont know why so much in Inact almost 6.5 GB ?? (running on Freebsd 7.2 & 4 core + 8 GB RAM )
CPU: 3.5% user, 0.0% nice, 3.5% system, 0.1% interrupt, 93.0% idle
Mem: 496M Active, 6525M Inact, 594M Wired, 201M Cache, 399M Buf, 92M Free


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