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Crazy idea ? reencode videos before serving, possible ?

by demental on 29 Nov 2009

I'm on a satellite connexion, with 28 days quotas so bandwidth is really an important preocupation.
Meanwhile I'm often using download sites like megaupload to for avi files.

I have a server (a debian etch in a datacenter, not on my satellite connexion) with squid setup.

Next step now, would be to find a way to convert avi files to lower quality, h264, to make them much smaller before downloading them.

Do you think there is any way to acheive this ? does squid/videocache look like the wrong path or not ?

2 Answers

by demental on 3 Dec 2009

I got my copy and am spinning around in the code. I'm discovering Python, this language looks awesome !

I'll try to add postProcess capability in videocache.download_from_source(), so it would be, depending on configuration, a simple rename from temp dir to cache dir, or in my situation, a system call to ffmpeg (source in temp folder, destination in cache dir).

I guess the most tricky part will be to deal with processes and forking (actually, I don't want the process to fork, best would be to make the download available only when encoding is finished)

by Kulbir Saini on 3 Dec 2009


Its actually a very good idea. Can save huge bandwidth on slow connection still giving a really nice user experience. I'll see what can be done.

Thank You!