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delay pool for youtube

by Anonymous on 30 Nov 2008

since the last time i ask u bout the delay pool on youtube video streaming 2 months ago... i have been lost since u got so many update on ur cache video development...

so here im asking again if u have any update on the matters..

1) stop or cancel the video caching immediately when the user close the browser even thou the video not finish.if not it gonna use my entire download bandwidth until the video fully cached & making other user hard to surf..

2) add delay pool option to ur script since delay pool on squid.conf wont limit youtube video streaming...

thanks for ur hard work...

*its nice to have a forum now...


9 Answers

by Kulbir Saini on 30 Nov 2008

I also kinda got lost somewhere because I couldn't really keep up with suggestions without a forum. Here are my answers to your questions.

  1. Right now this is not really possible because squid doesn't pass any connection information to url rewriters and will not raise any exception or error when a connection is closed following a browser close event by a client.
  2. There is no need to add delay pools in videocache. You can limit bandwidth used by videocache by introducing delay pools for the proxy server's IP address. Because videocache uses proxy server to cache videos. So, if you put a cap on how much bandwidth your proxy server can use while using itself as a proxy, videocache bandwidth usage will automatically be limited :) And this will not affect normal traffic from your clients. Another option to control bandwidth usage by videocache is to use max_parallel_downloads option in /etc/videocache.conf.

In case you have more suggestions or answers look confusing, please feel free to reply here :)

Thanks for using videocache.

by salah on 18 Jan 2009


here is how to add delay pool to squid to limit the bandwidth of youtube and the other sites.

i gave an example of 512k for videocache sites, and other sites if the admin will add in the future.

acl bad_sites url_regex -i
delay_pools 1
delay_class 1 1
delay_access 1 allow bad_sites
delay_parameters 1 64000/8192

hope this will help.

try it and tell me your opinion .

by Kulbir Saini on 19 Jan 2009

Hi salah,

Thank for the suggestion. I hope this will help the above user.

by redvivi on 13 Jun 2009

Is it possible to use directly the acl provided by videocache's squid conf to use delay pools ?

by Kulbir Saini on 27 Jun 2009


I think that should work out of the box. Please try.

Thank You!

by jchuerta on 7 Jul 2009

I have this ACL .. I hope it help's

acl youtube urlpath_regex \\/(get_video\\?|videodownload\\?|videoplayback.*id) \\.(flv)\\? \\/ads\\?
by Anonymous on 12 Mar 2010

hey admin
are you online ?

by asus on 3 May 2011

Hi salah thanks for the rules but it doesn't work

cache hits are never delayed!

by asus on 3 May 2011

is there any other way to limit bandwitdh between squid & only videos domain names.