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duplicate files in cache directory

by Anonymous on 13 Dec 2010

is normal this file duplicated at same size but different name?

 qrO4YZeyl0I 13-Dec-2010 13:23  44M   
 aab3b86197b29742 13-Dec-2010 13:23  44M   
 zN2j4fnKWqA 13-Dec-2010 13:23  21M   
 ccdda3e1f9ca5aa0 13-Dec-2010 13:23  21M   
 rHZpijtEYp8 13-Dec-2010 13:21  9.7M   
 ac76698a3b44629f 13-Dec-2010 13:21  9.7M   
 eb464ef1f5647c7e 13-Dec-2010 13:19  14M   
 60ZO8fVkfH4 13-Dec-2010 13:19  14M   
 Sb-7znNYSGQ 13-Dec-2010 13:19  3.2M   
 49bfbbce73584864 13-Dec-2010 13:19  3.2M   
 X6sGI564WOQ 13-Dec-2010 13:18  4.8M   
 5fab06239eb858e4 13-Dec-2010 13:18  4.8M   
 vJKRhUX5Niw 13-Dec-2010 13:15  63M   
 bc92918545f9362c 13-Dec-2010 13:15  63M   
 ra0Jn0Lyd5c 13-Dec-2010 13:08  4.2M   
 adad099f42f27797 13-Dec-2010 13:08  4.2M   
 Ikyo8wT5ohE 13-Dec-2010 13:00  6.9M   
 224ca8f304f9a211 13-Dec-2010 13:00  6.9M   
 de09130ec06383cc 13-Dec-2010 12:51  14M   
 3gkTDsBjg8w 13-Dec-2010 12:51  14M   
 KPSpZTf8p9s 13-Dec-2010 12:48  21M   
 28f4a96537fca7db 13-Dec-2010 12:48  21M   
 IWppzY7WGUY 13-Dec-2010 12:28  60M   
 216a69cd8ed61946 13-Dec-2010 12:28  60M

6 Answers

by Kulbir Saini on 14 Dec 2010


Youtube uses two video ids for a single video. One is 11 character and the other is 16 character. We save both of them. But if you observed carefully the file with sixteen character name is just a hard link to the file with 11 character name. So, they are not consuming double the space.

Thank You!

by cakep on 15 Dec 2010

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by marlowbg on 29 Dec 2010

How we know that it is a hard link? It looks like a normal file?

by harindra on 30 Dec 2010

there is no soft link,i think it's consumed space twice.


by Kulbir Saini on 30 Dec 2010


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Thank You!

by Kulbir Saini on 30 Dec 2010

Hello guyz,

@marlowbg To find the hard linked files, use the following command

find /path/to/youtube/cache/dir/ -xdev -samefile video_id

@Harindra The files are not soft linked. The files are hard linked. All hard links to a file doesn't consume any space on disk.

Thank You!