erro while extracting video urls. 'sig'

by Mhd Iqbal Syahputra on 31 May 2014

hi, i see on my log, there's so many error warning like this

31/May/2014:23:18:11 7551 ERROR - YOUTUBE URL_EXTRACTION_ERROR FoTo9ADkCiA Error while extracting video urls. 'sig'
31/May/2014:23:18:12 7551 INFO - YOUTUBE CACHE_THREAD_REMOVE FoTo9ADkCiA Removed cache thread. -
31/May/2014:23:18:16 7551 INFO - YOUTUBE CACHE_THREAD_START mPHI75buwy8 Starting cache thread. -

is there something error on my server?

1 Answers

by Kulbir Saini on 2 Jun 2014

Hi Iqbal,

Please ignore that as we are using only on the fly caching for Youtube. These errors will not occur in next versions.

Kulbir Saini

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