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External Disk

by sirkike on 11 Mar 2009

I buy a external disk of 1T for videos cache :D hehe. But, i need some help, i mount the external disk with this

mount -t smbfs -o username=xxx,password=xxx,uid=99,gid=99 // /cache/remoto

The disk is mounted right, and change configuration in /etc/videocache.conf and in /etc/httpd/..

all works perfectly but, i need to be mounted automatically the disk, so i put

"mount -t smbfs -o username=xxx,password=xxx,uid=99,gid=99 // /cache/remoto"

(i use uid and gid, be cause 99 is nobody, and squid runs with nobody user)

in /etc/rc.d/rc.local

but my question is... the disk will be mounted after or before squid start? I don't wanna restart the system to try, be cause this is a production system...

if some one can give a better way to automount the external disk at boot... thanks!!

Sorry bad bad very bad english.

1 Answers

by Kulbir Saini on 11 Mar 2009


A better hack would be to mount the remote FS from /etc/fstab entries. I think it achievable that way. In current scenario, I think it'll be mounted after squid start because rc.local is executed at last.

Thank You!