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How to install VideoCache on Windows with Cygwin ?

by Ghassan on 24 Mar 2010

Hello admin,

I heard that VideCache can be installed on windows but i dont know how to configure it with squid2.7stable7 + Python + cygwin .

Can anyone help here about the steps to work it out.


3 Answers

by Kulbir Saini on 25 Mar 2010


Have you already installed squid and python on windows?

Thank you!

by Ghassan on 6 May 2010

Hello sorry for the big delay , I thought of trying to install VideoCache again since i have CYGWIN installed correctly on Windows Server . I also have SQUID2.7STABLE7 ( WINDOWS VERSION) installed and working with PERL SCRIPT as well .. I read the manual of CYGWIN and I had the python installed on Windows (Windows Version) but I have IIS7 not apache ,,.. do you think it should work well ?

by Kulbir Saini on 7 May 2010


I guess there will be problem with directory structure. If you cygwin can overcome that, then it should be fine. Also, apache alias will be cool. Apache is available for windows as well ( Why not give it a shot :)

Thank You!