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installing videocache with nginx.

by mkassem on 27 Dec 2010


I installed the new videocache bundle, and its caching great, but I dont think its serving the files from the cache (even though it says its being served from cache). With my previous perl re-writer it would serve the video at a very fast speed, now its going slow. I think the problem is that I have not configured nginx properly. I tried to mimic the Apache2 with nginx, but im not sure how to get it working properly. I saw on the Lighttpd hack, that the author added a "cache_host". the nginx httpd is on the same server as the video cache and squid... do i need to add the ip for the host or what? Please help!


1 Answers

by Kulbir Saini on 30 Dec 2010


Please check this comment for details.

Thank You!