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Is videocache REALLY saving bandwidth?

by Anonymous on 10 Feb 2010

I'm wondering because we hardly ever watch new videos... we just keep watching ones that are in the cache (mainly music videos) and any other video that we want to watch, we watch before 7:00AM as we have free bandwidth then.

Anyhow, my squid light logs show that there's been lots of downloads from user I have squid and videocache setup to run transparently.

Take today for an example, I think I watched one video that was not in the cache and my brother might of downloaded one. Yet, it shows 126MB for

1      1   47.2 M      47.2 M      37.3%
2  1   43.7 M  90.9 M  34.5%
3   1   20.5 M  111.4 M     16.2%
4  1   14.9 M  126.3 M     11.7%
5  1   662     126.3 M     0.0%

1 Answers

by Kulbir Saini on 10 Feb 2010


The possibility of a video being repeatedly watched when only a few people are behind the proxy is low so the bandwidth being save will vary accordingly. Plus, not everybody has time-based free bandwidth.

Thank You!