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loadbalance + mikrotik(queue)

by tonbts on 19 Mar 2009

Hi, i need install cachevideos, more have one server (debian4+squid) whith loadbalance on 2 links, the cachevideo get file video direct(full link) or get using mikrotik queue(band limit)?


2 Answers

by Kulbir Saini on 20 Mar 2009


I am sorry but I didnt really understand your configuration. Can you describe it in some details?

Thank You!

by zaki on 21 Apr 2009

i have 2 squid server
first, less free space and less bandwidth
second, huge free space and more bandwidth

my problem is, i want to point proxy server to second server and store/access/share video cache there. how could i?

i think configuration host = and proxy = at first proxy is not working because i have video cache at /var/spool/videocache at first server

thank you in advance