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May be we can add SymantecLiveupdate or Music from myspace

by Anonymous on 27 Nov 2008

Could be work with the following kind of links I am looking the code and I think yes any ideas ? Thanks !


5 Answers

by Kulbir Saini on 27 Nov 2008

Thumbs up to MySpace music. Added to my todo list.

Not sure about symantec live update thing. Since the url doesn't contain any question marks or cgi-bin, it will be considered as a static url and will be cached. So youtube cache need not handle it. Please throw some more light.

by jchuerta on 1 Dec 2008

Great Thanks Kulbir !

by Kulbir Saini on 14 Dec 2008

Today, I observed that MySpace has started serving videos from their content delivery networks for And the served video are not suffixed with ? or any parameters, so squid will take care of caching those videos. I also noticed that mp3s on MySpace are also served without an ? or parameters as suffix. So, this plugin need not worry about them :)

by thiago on 4 Feb 2009

i guess the myspace changed how it serves the mp3...

look at this...

root@servidor:~# tail -F /var/log/squid/access.log | grep mp3
1233722432.734  14855 TCP_MISS/200 2207135 GET - DIRECT/ audio/mpeg
1233722456.969    176 TCP_MISS/200 1437 GET - DIRECT/ audio/mpeg
1233722475.035  19857 TCP_MISS/200 2207135 GET - DIRECT/ audio/mpeg
1233722478.342    146 TCP_MISS/200 1437 GET - DIRECT/ audio/mpeg
1233722495.082  17179 TCP_MISS/200 3533268 GET - DIRECT/ audio/mpeg
by Kulbir Saini on 4 Feb 2009


Thanks for pointing that out. Included in Todo List.