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metacafe and tube8 caching

by Anonymous on 15 Dec 2008

Hi Kulbir Saini,

I've install videocache-1.6-1 on my fedora, but seemed metacafe did not working properly. I try to log request from metacafe and seemed they has move the content from to (or maybe they have 2 host to store the content?). Take alook at this sample below"gda"=1229171250_68d2e8dc3f1a18d83708e6e9457e682b

I also would like to request feature to cache I attach you the log that hopefuly will help you to create the pattern.

acl videocache_allow_url url_regex -i [a-z][0-9]\.tube8\.com/(.*)\.(flv|3gp)

Thank you

8 Answers

by Kulbir Saini on 15 Dec 2008

Thanks Sizulku for digging that useful information for me :) It'll help me big time in fixing the plugin. Tube8 is being served without any ? or parameters as suffix, so Squid itself will take care of its caching. Videocache need not interfere to get it cached.

I'll have a look at metacafe problem soon.

Thanks for considering Videocache :)

by sizulku on 15 Dec 2008

Hi Kulbir,

Yes, there are ? at url, see this url below;

the others such as images at will take care by squid as usual. Thanks for adding into Videocache.


by Kulbir Saini on 16 Dec 2008

No problem then. I'll see to it and will make videocache work for Tube8 :) Thanks for the link.

by Kulbir Saini on 25 Jan 2009

Hi Sizulku,

Checkout the new version of videocache. It supports tube8 caching.

Thank You!

by Anonymous on 25 Jan 2009

nice... i will try this new version later today...

thank! and more power....

by dank on 26 Jan 2009

i have already upgrade to 1.7, i hope there is no problem...

i have request...
i think.. many people, upload their videos to
maybe on next version, u can put in to next version...

thx.. a lot... great job....

by tinytrant on 1 Apr 2009

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by Anonymous on 12 Jul 2009

I have installed the latest version. Why it did cache youporn, and other sites?
It only cache youtube & tube8. The rest weren't cached.
And why the squid pass all request to videocache?
Did i do something wrong?