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Multiple VideoCache Directories

by twizzler on 6 Apr 2010

Problem: Filling a 140G drive in less than 24 hours.

What I want to do is spread that across two 140G drives.

Here is what I tried and it did not work.

base_dir = /opt/squid5/videocache1/:100000 | /opt/squid6/videocache2:100000

Do I have to select a drive for each of the actual directories?
I thought that it handled multiple cache dirs like Squid.


2 Answers

by arios on 7 Apr 2010

my suggestion you should use Raid or LVM.

fyi i`m using 4 SATA HDD each 2Tb using Raid-0 (Stripping) , it give me about 7.6TB. worked over near 1 years.

by twizzler on 9 Apr 2010

I will try converting over to RAID-0 or LVM on Monday.