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My statistics

by Anonymous on 13 Dec 2008
Date  Day_Economy  Base_Videos  Day_Download
2008-11-30 6521MB 45G 6741MB
2008-12-01 6435MB 47G 4987MB
2008-12-02 4080MB 53G 5594MB
2008-12-03 6103MB 59G 5915MB
2008-12-04 6340MB 65G 6038MB
2008-12-05 6201MB 72G 7320MB
2008-12-06 7444MB 79G 7250MB
2008-12-07 5955MB 85G 5660MB
2008-12-08 6424MB 90G 5260MB
2008-12-09 6253MB 95G 5501MB
2008-12-10 7883MB 100G 4679MB
2008-12-11 4652MB 103G 3589MB
2008-12-12 9100MB 109G 5551MB

I will increment this when I've more statistics.


Arlindo F. Neto

1 Answers

by Kulbir Saini on 13 Dec 2008

Thanks Arlindo. Your videocache stats are awesome and encouraging :D and pushing more work for me :P