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Netflix support

by Anonymous on 15 Feb 2012

Is your product support Netflix?

2 Answers

by Kulbir Saini on 17 Feb 2012


Videocache doesn't support Netflix as of now.

Thank You!

by Agah on 3 May 2012

Thanks for your quick response and clitifacarion This is a short summary of what I have and would like to do:Have: 14 Vlans, including offices, faculty and student residences. pfsense 2.0.1 release as gateway and DHCP server. It is in front of another pfsense running a transparent proxy (Squid+Squidguard) and doing filtering and NAT ( I read transparent proxy and traffic shaping aren't good friends) 6Mbps Inbound/Outbound (yes is very little, but is all what I have right now) around 500-600 usersWould like: to set different priorities for each Vlan to set different priorities by port and services to have TWO set of priorities (working hours, non-working hours) to share bandwidth between Vlans. If only ONE users is connected, he/she should get ALL the bandwidth! to limit by users when needed (most of the time) to avoid a single user having 100 connections and eating all bandwidth to avoid shaping of internal traffic and web services (I think this is easy) to limit Youtube and Facebook!!!! (I don't this is possible with traffic shaping)Do you think pfsense and traffic shaping could help on this scenario? I've read all you can find online, and I've learned a lot, but evidently not enough to make this work. Any help? advise? ideas? all are more than welcome!Thanks in advance.