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by mkassem on 27 Dec 2010


I installed videocache successfully, and its caching great, but the problem is I am unable to serve my videos. As a preferred httpd, I use nginx. I have the following line for nginx, but for whatever reason I dont think its serving the videos from my videocache, even though it says "cache hit" in the videocache log.

server {
   location /videocache/ {
   alias /var/spool/videocache/;
   access_log  /logs/nginx/videocache.access.log;

Also in /etc/videocache.conf i have the following set:

cache_host =

On the lighttpd tutorial, the lady used the proxy = parameter. Should the same thing be used, or should the cache_host be sufficient. Also in regards to what should show up in the browser... what is the proper output??? should it say "Transferring from" or should it show the original place where it got the video. If its showing the original place i suspect its not serving from the cache (even though for sure it is caching, i can see the videos in the /var/spool/videocache dirs.

2 Answers

by Kulbir Saini on 30 Dec 2010


Videocache sends a HTTP redirect to your clients with an alternate video link pointing to your own web server. Make sure that you are able to access http://cache_host_IP/videocache/ on your system and the other systems on your network. If not, your web server is not properly configured.

Also, if you are using videocache for a network of clients, will not work at all. You'll have to listen on some IP address from private address space which other clients on your network can access.

Let me know your findings and I'll be able to help you further.

Thank You!

by mkassem on 31 Dec 2010


I got it working. Thanks.