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Only download frequently requested videos

by Anonymous on 17 Jan 2009

As noted in some of the other posts, Video Cache can actually use more bandwidth than it saves because everything is feteched once by the client and also again by the Video Cache program. Since most videos from youtube, etc.. are probably only viewed once then this leads to a bandwidth loss. We are working in an ISP environment and I would say that that 95% of videos are only viewed once, just users browsing endless and random youtube stuff. 5% of videos are "popular" and viewed many many times. Is it possible to modify Video Cache to only retrieve videos that have been requested more than once? This is based on the assumption that anything that has been requested twice will probably be requested a few more times. ie. The first time a video is requested it goes on a "has been requested list", the next time a video is requested, if it is found on the "has been requested list" then it is queued for download.

3 Answers

by Kulbir Saini on 19 Jan 2009


The efficiency issue seems to be critical. If you see the statistics in the stats forum, the videocache program actually saves the bandwidth even after the downloading issue.

Well, your suggestion is very nice and it can be incorporated into the plugin without much effort because I initially designed the plugin with a priority queue in mind. I'll see if I can update it in the next version.

Thank you for the awesome suggestion.
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by Phantam on 19 Jan 2009

very good idea even if its made optional, but overall i think the root issue is what needs to be figured out of the double downloads.

by Kulbir Saini on 19 Jan 2009


Yeah that remains the issue. But once store url rewrite is supported in 3.x, it'll be solved as well :)

Thank You!