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os.rename issue on some Unix platforms

by md2k on 27 May 2011

I consider this issue not as bug, but i suggest change 1 line of code in vc-scheduler:


os.rename(tmp_path, video_path) 


shutil.move(tmp_path, video_path)

Otherwise if i have tmp dir and cache dirs on difirent partitions, under linux (im my case was Gentoo kernel 2.6.39 arch x86_64 Python 2.6/3.1) os.rename can trigger error and as result files unable to move from tmp dir to real ca

1 Answers

by md2k on 27 May 2011

Sory First post not full (glich of clipboard :D )

So what i mean , os.rename can trigger error on some Unix platform, and as result downloaded movie not moved to cache directory. for sure this is true only if u have cache dirs and tmp dirs on diffirent partitions/hdds/logical drives and etc.

any way i hope u will change this function to shutil.move, cz after each update change by hands not good way i think.
P.S. Thanks for good software and sorry this is line 481 of vc-scheduler