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Partial Content, Performance,

by Anonymous on 13 Dec 2008

Squid up to squid.head version doesn't support Partial Content caching. Do this scripts can possibly rewrite and cache it?

Squid has store rewrite feature that will rewrite url when storing into cache. Question is does this has better performance vs store rewrite?

by the way squid has already a url rewrite feature inside.

1 Answers

by Kulbir Saini on 14 Dec 2008

No. This script/plugin doesn't support partial content caching. Also, this plugin doesn't use store_url_rewrite. It uses url_rewrite_program. I can't say about the performance but it is simple to use and understand for the people who know squid at a medium level. Because while using store rewrite, you have to play around with refresh_pattern and while doing that you can screw up user experience. But when you are using this plugin, you don't need to modify refresh patterns.