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pfSense: DOWNLOAD_ERR YOUTUBE An error occured while retrieving the video

by andylai on 14 Mar 2010

I encounter and DOWNLOAD_ERR when I use the VideoCache Bundle 1.9.2 that I just brought. I had been running VideoCache using the same version 1.9.2 (older) without problem using the same configuration but with the new bundle is not caching any youtube video.

I post a part of the /var/log/videocache/videocdache.log here,

Below is my configuration,



Temporary I am going to use back the old VideoCache that's still working fine although it have some minor error message in log file.

1 Answers

by Kulbir Saini on 20 Mar 2010


The fault is not with the package. Youtube has changed their URL structure. I am working on improving the package. Please be patient. Please check this comment for details.

Thank You!