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Possible New Customer with some questions for users/admins

by Anonymous on 8 Feb 2012

Hello everyone, I am the Sr. Sys admin for a college with a problem as most of you probably have resolved with this product. I have some small questions maybe you can answer.

Info: Small college around 5000 students and 1000 workstations. 25Mb bandwidth. Currently using packetshaper with good success in prioritization of traffic. Though, with all the shaping in the world I dont think I could get youtube to work good throughout campus as it just sucks up whatever bandwidth I give it.

1: What type of hardware would you recommend.. I am assuming this will take a large amount of fast disk.. I was thinking ssd x16 jbod on a heavy RAM server 128G??

2: What kind of performance do you all get vs without caching. Do you get a lot of video hits on the cache?

3: As there is down time at night around 10 hours where I have no bandwidth used, is there a script or program that can cache popular site and videos at night so they are ready in the morning?

Thanks for the help.

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