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Redtube caching problem

by hormoz on 25 Oct 2011

Hi ,
Im having trouble caching videos from redtube I can see the video url in the squid access log but it never gets to the videocache log
videos for example

00:00:07.028    *   543 1.7M/81.6M  GET 200 video/x-flv
00:00:25.021    *   543 2.3M/71.0M  GET 200 video/x-flv
00:00:06.392    *   543 3.0M/98.2M  GET 200 video/x-flv

thanks for help

1 Answers

by Kulbir Saini on 27 Oct 2011


Minor issue with red tube urls. Please contact for a fix.

Thank You!