Redtube problem

by arielmza on 9 Oct 2009

I think it doesn't work for redtube, could you verify it?

thanks !

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by Kulbir Saini on 11 Oct 2009


Last time it tested, it worked fine for redtube. Can you please specify an example url to a video for which its not working?

Thank You!

by arielmza on 26 Oct 2009

I moved from Debian Lenny to Centos 5.3 and works good now.

Thank you.

by pyromania on 18 Nov 2009

I'm using videocache on CentOS 5.3 but I'm still getting DOWNLOAD_ERR messages on every Redtube request. Youtube is caching OK for the most part. Occasional DOWNLOAD_ERRs on youtube requests.

I tried tcpdumping the traffic to see why Redtube was failing but I never could see traffic from the videocache request. Just the initial user request. So I'm not sure videocache is even trying to download the video.

How can I debug this further?

by Kulbir Saini on 24 Nov 2009


The following may be the reasons,

  1. Connection Timeout in case max_parallel_downloads option is set very high.
  2. Videocache not able to understand redtube URLs (they may have changed the pattern).
  3. In sufficient disk space.

Please check!

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