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Request and Download but not playing from cache.

by Anonymous on 3 Aug 2009

Hi All.

I have been playing with this software for an afternoon now and was
wondering what im doing wrong.

From my logs i can see that squid is requesting a page, caching it and on next play from the client, playing the file from cache. However when i disconnect the internet connection or limit my bandwidth to something very low using "tc" (to pretend its on a bad connection) the youtube stream appears to still load from the internet, slowly.

Running Fedora 11 (tried Centos 5.3 as well) with squid-3.0.STABLE15-2.fc11 and videocache-1.9.1-1.


Im also wondering if should show proper file sizes for the cached content, or is this read from /var/spool/squid? On my system all the links show as 0 size with what seems to be random filenames.

Thanks for this great software and i appreciate any replies.


4 Answers

by Alfredzik on 4 Aug 2009

I have exactly the same problem, except that my videocache was installed few months ago and it worked just fine, until recently it stopped serving youtube videos from cache. Videos are downloaded and stored, but on the next view SQUID download them from Internet anyway.

by Alfredzik on 4 Aug 2009

I've just fixed my youtube cache by replacing line 463 in

url = refine_url(url, ['begin', 'start'])


url = refine_url(url, ['begin', 'start', 'noflv'])
by Kulbir Saini on 8 Aug 2009

Hi Anon,

Make sure you have set the cache_host and proxy variables properly in videocache.conf and your proxy is able to access internet via itself. That means you have to allow localhost, and your proxy ip through your proxy in squid.conf.

Please get back with results.

Thank You!

by zinhell on 16 Aug 2009

Don't forget to add ACL your proxy IP Address

read this