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Resolved access denied

by toninos on 7 Feb 2010

that's why I could not enter the Internet after installing VideoCach:
VideoCach I installed it on Ubuntu server 9:10 squid 2.7 iniparse 0.3.1 urlgrabber 3 apache2 everything works correctly. VideoCach to install as root or typed python setup-installation went well. after you put it in your squid.conf

# - BEGIN - VideoCach config for squid
url_rewrite_program /usr/bin/python /usr/share/videocache/

as described on the site my proxy denied me access to the Internet. I sweat shirts 7 to understand that the file was not found in the directory / usr / share / videocache / but it was in the directory / user / share / videocache / short changed only (usr) to (user) are entered into squid.conf and I've changed (USR) in (USER) everything went back to running my squid is now transparent, but even here it was an adventure in the file videocache.conf instead of cache_host = 127.0. 0.1 Place cache_host = ip network adapter on the client side. I now everything works! I congratulate Kulbir Saini for his work in this time of great feedback from his program in both speed to serve video to customers both for the savings of the internet bandwidth.

1 Answers

by vincent on 8 Feb 2010

hi kulbir,

It's been a old videos in the cache has not been removed yet. they're supposed to be erased/deleted automatically after 30 days if not viewed again from the time it was saved in the cache directory. i already made this "video_lifetime = 30" in the videocache.conf.

Please reply. thanks a lot.


Vincent A.