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Restarting httpd causes YouTube to __error occurred please try again later__

by jesquibal on 12 Nov 2010

Made some changes in my httpd configuration and after restarting it, it caused YouTube to display the error message "error occurred please try again later".

I also tried stopping httpd and squid but to no avail. Restarting the machine fixed it but this is not the best option of course.

Why in the world that stopping and starting both daemons does not work?

Is there any corresponding sequence to stop/start them so that you won't be breaking something?

I am using RHEL5.2.

Below is the exact sequence how I stopped and started both daemons

1) httpd [restarted]
- YouTube now does not work
2) squid [stopped]
3) httpd [restarted] - 2nd time
4) squid [started]

Thank you.

1 Answers

by Kulbir Saini on 12 Nov 2010


Though you can edit your apache configuration file freely, you should not make changes to videocache specific apache configuration. Always use update-vc command to generate a fresh configuration for apache. Restarting apache will not affect anything under normal circumstances.

The correct command sequence after updating videocache.conf is
0. Run update-vc command.
1. Start/restart Apache
2. Stop Squid
3. Clean any left over videocache programs. killall -9 python
4. Start Squid

Everything should work fine after this.

Thank You!