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Scalability of Videocache

by cygnus on 4 Nov 2009


Has someone some clues how stable videocache works and how videocache scales? Currently I am evaluating it for two Squid 3 servers (Dual Xeon 3,2 GHz Blade machines) with 4 Gig ram serving about 4500 users.

Any users out there using videocache with so many or perhaps more users? Feedback would be appreciated.

Greetings Torge

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by Anonymous on 8 Nov 2009

Yeah I am using it for more then online 8000 users with dual quard core 2.4 Ghz and 16 GB Ram , 1.1 TB raid0 over 4*300GB SAS, using Centos 5.3 , squid 3 , with videocache 1.9.1 & lighttpd.

by Kulbir Saini on 8 Nov 2009

Thank anon for mentioning the stats. It would have been more useful if you could mention the location as in Organization/broadband users etc.

Thank You!

by rudy_kot on 10 Nov 2009


Do you use this box for videocaching only or for squid caching+videocaching? What kind of CPU usage / disk I/O do you experience?

I'm planning to upgrade my current squid box that's overloaded and I'm thinking of implementing videocache.

by Anonymous on 18 Nov 2009

Hay Admin I am that Anonymous we well I have Some question Right Now I am using 2 Servers as :

Server A ( is Centos 5.3 , squid 3 , with videocache 1.9.1 & lighttpd + NFS Server to share the /videocache directory.

Server B ( is Centos 5.3 , squid 3 , with videocache 1.9.1 + NFS Client to read & write the /videocache from Server and its working fine when ever Cache HIT its redirect client to lighttpd of as define cache_host = on both servers.

Now I have couple of questions.
1 is Why Server B writes data so slow @ 1Mbits/s on Server A over NSF on /videocache/tmp as whole /videocache/ directory shared and used by both Servers even 4 to 6 movies are downloading from Internet by it. May be you can gave some advice over it.

2 is Now I want to add 1.5 TB raid0 using SAS or SSD on SERVER B and also want to use for Caching as base_dir = /videocache/ | /videocache2/.

As you already knows /videocache/ is over NFS from Server A.
/videocache2/ will be shared over NFS to Server A.

I wanna do that because I want to Marge both Servers for big Storage and to Increase the HIT ratio.

can we define cache_host = | like this so that users can be redirect or served from that web server on which the video file is located.

3rd is Are you planning to use mysql as database to store cache video file indexing info as I think it will be more easy to load balance over multiple Servers or Storage using single Database.

Sorry for bad english and Thanks in advance for the reply.


by Ez on 20 Nov 2009

Dear Admin i am using the videocache but when i configure it it does not make cache any ssite but on log its running properly so what is the problem on it


by Kulbir Saini on 24 Nov 2009


Please check this comment.

Thank you!

by Kulbir Saini on 24 Nov 2009


  1. You have debug your network for that. In this case, videocache is trying to write videos to the remote server.
  2. As you are sharing things over NFS, apache can also use those directories. After modifying base_dir option, just run update-vc and everything will work as expected :)
  3. Yes. In future versions, mysql may be used optionally for stats calculation etc.

BTW you are using videocache 1.9.1, please upgrade to 1.9.2 so that I can offer better support :)

Thank You!

by Anonymous on 29 Nov 2009

can we define cache_host = | like this so that users can be redirect or served from that web servers on which the video file is located.

Yeah I will update to the next Version but after some time.


by Kulbir Saini on 3 Dec 2009


Not now. But thanks for suggesting. Its a good idea :)

Thank You!

by pospanko on 25 Mar 2011

Hi all.

I'm trying this setup, but how to enable ServerB to write on ServerA videocache folder?
I mount ServerA NFS to /proxy/videocache folder on ServerB with rw option.

On confif file I added base_dir = /proxy/videocache/ but when I run update-vc I get error and in my log is: Could not change ownership of directory /proxy/videocache01/tmp

How to solve this?

by Kulbir Saini on 29 Mar 2011


The directory was not mounted properly or the user didn't have proper permission to change the ownership of that directory. Please check if the NFS permissions are fine?

Thank You!

by pospanko on 21 Apr 2011


I manage it to work over NFS.

But now I have different problem.

My upload/download ratio is falling down rapidly. From 35% I now have only 15%. It looks like both servers are caching the same files.

Also, if I set both machines with cache_peer in sibling mode, videocache isn't working.

Can you help me what to do? I plan to put 3-4 separate machines with squid and VC and this is problem I must solve to have redudancy and speed.

P.S. Option proxy, do I have to fill it with address or I can leave it blank in this configuration. One proxy is and there is videocache files, on other ( I put to cache_host, but do I need put something for proxy and do I have to change rpc_host ad port?

Thx in advance

by Kulbir Saini on 22 Apr 2011


Your problem looks a bit complicated. Contact me using contact link and we'll discuss it in details over email.

Thank You!