Videocache is no longer in development.


by erazor999 on 18 Mar 2010

Hello Kulbir!!!
Excellent work!!!

I have Squid This version of Squid have self rotating log. When Squid rotate log Videocache not work anymore. I need this log rotating!!! Will there be any future updates for this?

One more thig. My Squid work on 'http_port 3129 tproxy' I have not tested this. Should set videocache to work on this port?


3 Answers

by Kulbir Saini on 20 Mar 2010


For videocache, it doesn't matter on which squid works. There is an option in videocache to configure proxy (see configure options for details). You can configure videocache to work with squid on any port.

Thank You!

by erazor999 on 21 Mar 2010

Thank you Kulbir!!!

Videocache works with TPROXY option. TPROXY option is FULL TRANSPARENT PROXY, Rapidshare can not find your proxy server with this option on, all public IP packets remain same!!!
Full transparency drop all traffic from port 80 of bridged network interfaces into kernel routing and then iptables use TPROXY option to tell packets on port 80 to go to squid http_port 3129 with tproxy option on. Here I lose my webserver.
But becouse TPROXY is complicated I must change port of my webserver to something like 88. Now is and change videocache.conf :

cache_host =
proxy =

This is solution of problem!!!
I have now another problem but it's not similar to videocache.
Chrome, Safari, IE can load Youtube video with TPROXY option on and can cache video, Firefox cannot load new video only cached, Opera can load and cache new video but cannot play cached video!!! Again this is some problem with Squid not videocache I test it!!!

by marlowbg on 18 Apr 2012

how you made it working with the tproxy?