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Squid Error

by Anonymous on 18 Mar 2009

Hi there!
I get this error when i try to restart squid-2.5.STABLE12-18

linux-6q7b:/etc/squid # service squid restart
Shutting down WWW-proxy squid 2009/03/18 15:16:34| parseConfigFile: line 3504 unrecognized: 'url_rewrite_access deny videocache_deny_url'
2009/03/18 15:16:34| parseConfigFile: line 3505 unrecognized: 'url_rewrite_access allow videocache_allow_url'
2009/03/18 15:16:34| parseConfigFile: line 3506 unrecognized: 'url_rewrite_access allow videocache_allow_dom'
Starting WWW-proxy                                done
linux-6q7b:/etc/squid #

5 Answers

by Kulbir Saini on 18 Mar 2009


Following are the possibilities,

  1. You somehow messed up the lines (videocache specific) while copy pasting to squid.conf . Try removing the existing and pasting them again.
  2. You squid doesn't support url_rewrite_access which is highly unlikely.

Use "squid -k parse" command to see the syntax errors and try to correct those lines.

Thank You!

by invisible on 23 Mar 2009

hi there

can someone show me how to upgrade from squid-2.5 to squid 2.6or3.0
because i cant myself when i try rpm -Uvh it just says nothing but i still got the old version

by Anonymous on 23 Mar 2009
cache-server:/ # squid -k parse
2009/03/23 18:18:04| parseConfigFile: line 3479 unrecognized: 'url_rewrite_program /usr/bin/python /usr/share/videocache/'
2009/03/23 18:18:04| parseConfigFile: line 3480 unrecognized: 'url_rewrite_children 7'
2009/03/23 18:18:04| parseConfigFile: line 3501 unrecognized: 'url_rewrite_access deny videocache_deny_url'
2009/03/23 18:18:04| parseConfigFile: line 3502 unrecognized: 'url_rewrite_access allow videocache_allow_url'
2009/03/23 18:18:04| parseConfigFile: line 3503 unrecognized: 'url_rewrite_access allow videocache_allow_dom'
by Kulbir Saini on 23 Mar 2009


Please try asking in squid forums/mailing lists or forums for your distro.

Thank You!

by Kulbir Saini on 23 Mar 2009


Python path on your system may be different. You need to specify the exact path to python in the first line. You can detect path to python using 'which python' on command line.

Thank You!