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TOS/DSCP for videocache

by zinhell on 11 Jun 2009

Hi all ...

I'm using Mikrotik for gateway and Videocache + squid + frox in DMZ

It's work !!! file cached is unlimited traffic going to LAN

u can read my explainantion (sorry using indonesian languange hehehe you can translate it using google) in

simple explainantion :

  1. first, squid will connecting to internet using default ip example: Do not using this .. try to tcp_outgoing_address to other squid ip alias.
  2. in mikrotik change tos/dscp come from ip address (squid in dmz)
  3. packet marking for that's tos/dscp for using in simple queue
  4. make simple queue with unlimited traffic

This work !!!

May this help us


3 Answers

by Kulbir Saini on 29 Jun 2009

Thank you zinhell for the tips. I hope this will help users :)

by moises on 19 Nov 2009

Hi zinhell

Please can you write the steps again?

I want to use TOS/DSCP for VideoCach, and
I can't enter the website

thanks you

by zinhell on 12 Dec 2009

lol sorry .. my website is down now because i don't have money lol just kidding

I will write again ASAP :)