Uninstall videocache

by xixs on 28 Oct 2009

Hi, i was trying to configure the videocache, on my server Centos 5, but since i run it, it became very slow, and unstable, so i was wondering if there's a way to uninstall videocache from it?

Thx, i'm not really an expert in this, so i'm gonna install it in a ubuntu server, i read that works really good in that distro.

3 Answers

by Kulbir Saini on 29 Oct 2009

Hi xixs,

If you used the videocache rpm for installing, you can uninstall using the following command..

rpm -e videocache

Thank You!

by noval on 28 Jan 2010

How to uninstall videocache in freeBSD ? coz I have error when I start squid and I wan to reinstall again


by Alan87i on 10 Mar 2010

I would like to know how do uninstall in BSD / pfsense as well.
I have tried it on two systems now and both faild to work. Both cause python to go nuts and hog the cpu.

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