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video in the cache but I can't request it

by Anonymous on 10 Jul 2011

Dear Mr.Kulbir

After install video-cache package, my server is able to cache youtube video when the video is requested 2 times (as specify in your code), and save it in /var/spool directory.

my problem appeared when youtube video is request again(3 times) the following error appear in youtube sites:-

"An error appear please try again later"
so videocache can save the video in the cache, but it doesn't serve when the video is request.
other problem is when I write " sudo /etc/init.d/squid3 start"
"[fail]" word appear.

kindly, guide me to solve this problem.

Best Regards.

8 Answers

by Kulbir Saini on 12 Jul 2011

Hi Anon,

Please check if apache webserver is running on your machine or not. Also, check if you are able to access http://_Your_Porxy_IP/videocache/. If you still face the issue, please paste your /etc/videocache.conf here.

Thank You!

by Alexander on 22 Jul 2011

Hi. Kulbir

Videocache is caching all videos but new videos can not be request.
it say "An error appear please try again later".

old videos can be request but not new. can you check please.

by dimax on 23 Jul 2011

Hi Kulbir.

When youtube video is request the web browser show "An error appear please try again later" only new videos... old videos are fine. and is caching all.

by Kulbir Saini on 23 Jul 2011

Hi Alexander & Dimax,

Known issues due to recent Youtube change. Please contact using the contact link for the fix. Don't forget to mention the email address using which you purchased videocache.

Thank You!

by Mustafa Al-Saady2 on 10 Sep 2011

Hi Kulbir

when users request video that was cache by videocache server, the users suffer from high delay (the delay with videocache is more than video request without videocache), if there is missing things or bugs that I not behold it.

can tell me what's the error in it please.

Thank you

by Kulbir Saini on 12 Sep 2011

Hi Mustafa,

Please make sure that the HTTP traffic originating from you proxy server is not being capped by any firewall or bandwidth limiter on the way to your clients. This happens with a lot of clients until they make an exception for cached video traffic in their firewall.

Please check and let me know.

Thank You!

by Mustafa Al-Saady2 on 1 Oct 2011

Hi Kulbir,

I used firewall rule in two places:-

  1. since I configure squid to work in intercept mode, so I followed iptables commands in your book "squid proxy server "
  2. I used Mikrotik router, and I forward traffic to video Cache Server by using NAT rule.

kindly, do you mean that one of these firewall rules prevent videocache form work properly.

Thank you

by Kulbir Saini on 5 Oct 2011


Please switch apache port to 81 instead of 80. And use port in cache_host option. Please read the commented documentation in videocache.conf for more directions.

Thank You!