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Video not cached, but no errors in logs file

by arigatox on 16 Dec 2011

Hi Kulbir. My registered email is ********
I'm having troubles caching some youtube videos.

I don't know if it is a configuration error or a change in youtube URLs.
When I access a new youtube video I get the following logs:


16/Dec/2011:10:55:21 1872 INFO YOUTUBE URL_HIT 4bce331b2bece85a -
16/Dec/2011:10:55:21 1872 INFO YOUTUBE CACHE_MISS 4bce331b2bece85a Requested video was not found in cache. -

But I never see messages like "INFO - - VIDEO_SUBMIT - Submitted 1 videos to videocache scheduler. -" that always appeared when the video was cached.

Where can I search for errors?


1 Answers

by Kulbir Saini on 21 Dec 2011

Hi Antonio,

While upgrading, you probably forgot to update the configuration lines in your squid.conf. Please update them and then restart squid. Let me know if you still face issues.

Thank You!