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Videocache 2.0 Wishlist

by Kulbir Saini on 21 Feb 2009

We want Videocache 2.0 to be free from normal bugs like XMLRPC, hang ups, TIME_WAIT sockets etc... We'll not go directly to version 2.0 from 1.9. We'll be releasing version numbered as 1.9.x (so next version will be 1.9.1) and will try to fix as many bugs as possible. Also, we'll try to include almost every feature requested by users.

I have created this thread to discuss what we want to see in Videocache 2.0. Please reply with your suggestions on different components of videocache.

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by osmano807 on 22 Feb 2009

Cache youtube HD videos (hight quality too).
A web page to view cache status, play and delete videos.

by soho on 28 Feb 2009

Hi Kulbir,

Cache of Windows-Update and anti-virus would be very welcome in video-cache 2.0.

In addition to these websites similar to Orkut using the same technology of Youtube and Google Videos in charge of urls.

by Kulbir Saini on 6 Mar 2009


Youtube HD caching is on its way. Rest is a big task but I'll plan to include it as well.


There are lots of plugins which already support windows update and anti virus caching. So we can use zapchain to make them work with videocache.

We'll see if we can do something for orkut image caching.

Thank You!

by Anonymous on 6 Mar 2009

Caching of mostly screener video web pages like megaupload and large list.

by k1mbl3 on 15 Mar 2009

add a throttling by an option in videocache.conf and start caching orkut images.


by Torin on 27 Mar 2009

Hi There,
Firstly, awesome work on all of this. It's hugely simplified our cache!

It would be /really/ appreciated if the apple trailers site could be cached; especially for HD trailers...


by Sam on 31 Mar 2009

I would really like to see this for IpCop. I already have many customers running the Update accelrator addon for IpCop, but it only caches updates and such. I have been wishing for something like this for a long time! I'm not spiffy in linux, but I don't see why this wouldn't work. I would be willing to donate for your time to make this work!

by Kulbir Saini on 31 Mar 2009


Please use contact tab to contact me regarding this.

Thank You!

by k1mbl3 on 6 Apr 2009

this idea is based on the plugin system of another cache for dynamic files... but theirs plugins are in pure-php... my idea is to have a plugin system easy to make (.ini files?) where users provide a regex to match the url, and a more legible position of the id, not the python style ( var.split('/')[-1] ) and the name of the site, then everyone could add a dynamic content to cache, and share theirs plugins on the forum.

EDIT: I've made a little function to 'translate' what user said in the position of id.
"last by /" -> will get the last item delimited by '/' in the url
"parameter video_id" -> will get the parameter video_id in the url

import re

patterns = {'by':'(last|\\d+) by (.)',
        'param':'parameter (\\w+)'

def translator(text, url):
  for p in patterns:
    found =[p], text)
    if found:
      if p == 'by':
    pos =
    delimiter =
    splitted = url.strip(delimiter).split(delimiter)
      pos = int(pos)
    if isinstance(pos, str):
      pos = -1
    elif pos > len(splitted):
      pos = -1
      pos -= 1
    return splitted[pos]
      elif p == 'param':
    param =
    arglist = url.split('&')
    d = {}
    for arg in arglist:
      arg = arg.split('=')
        d[arg[0]] = arg[1]
      if d.has_key(param):
        return d[param]
  return None
by Kulbir Saini on 6 Apr 2009


Currently I am very very busy for any further development work. I'll get back soon. I was also thinking on coding some plugin facilitator for videocache. Thank you very much for your interest.

Thank You!

by Anonymous on 24 May 2009

Suport squid 3.0?

by Mark Drago on 26 May 2009

I'd like to see cachevideos itself be very generic, and have a ".d" directory to house the code for each of the supported video sites. This way, shipping support for some sites but not others will be much easier. Adding new cached sites will also be easier. You could just drop a new file in to the ".d" directory.

by Anonymous on 30 May 2009

please add and yahoo videos.

by Anonymous on 2 Jun 2009

Please, add videos also! And keep up this great work, congratulations.

by some one there on 17 Jun 2009


good work if its work withe zapchain

we will be waite admin


by Kulbir Saini on 27 Jun 2009


Videocache works absolutely fine with zapchain. See this tutorial. Hope it'll be of help.

Thank You!

by stevens144 on 6 Jul 2009
antivirus and terratv
thanks a lot ;D

by lopan on 13 Jul 2009

For each site that contains videos / files use a kind of module. Available to users a full documentation of how to create modules for a new site!

Congratulations again Kulbir!

by redvivi on 23 Aug 2009

Hi !

I would like to say that videocache is a great software, but it has a huge intrinsical flaw: it heavily relies on video provider code (and I have to admit that I'm toasted with youtube as there is'nt any videocache update). It means that if a change is made that breaks the cache's system, a fix needs to be propagated fast enough to maintain videocache's efficiency.

Maybe we should consider a modular architecture: a base system with loadable modules (files) for each video provider along with a auto-update system. Hence, if a fix has to be done, it will be available very fast to everyone.


by asharhvn on 25 Oct 2009

hi can any one help me for linux cache configuration i dont know any thing about this plz help me....thx