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Videocache cleaner deleted time

by stivi on 15 Jan 2010

In vccleaner script in line 87 is:

if cur_time - os.stat(video)[stat.ST_MTIME] > expire*86400:

but in line 88 is:

age = int((cur_time - os.stat(video)[stat.ST_ATIME]) / 86400)

Is it correct?
In line 87 shouldn't be stat.ST_ATIME instead of stat.ST_MTIME?

2 Answers

by Kulbir Saini on 15 Jan 2010

Hi stivi,

Thank you for pointing it out. But videocache updates both, the access and modified time, of a video whenever a video is served from cache. So, both are same at any given point of time. Though I'll change it in the next version, the end result will be some.

Thank you!

by stivi on 18 Jan 2010

Thans for the explanation.