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VideoCache is caching videos but not serving !

by Anonymous on 17 Jul 2009

Hello All ,

I got videocache running on centos 4.7 + squid-2.7STABLE5 + Apache 2.0 , all videos are being cached normally and are visible via apache but when I open any cached website I get a black screen or error please try again in the video window eventhough videocache.log shows a CacheHit!

4 Answers

by Khaled on 17 Jul 2009

Admin can u help plz ?

by GELL on 20 Jul 2009


Hmm admin must be busy recently but i have been through this before and i got it fixed by admin.

Firstly; what is the returned ip (you can see it left bottom corner of your browser as you click the video). My case before was returned "waiting for" so you need to change your cache_host (in videocache.conf) to IP_Add of your webserver and then try browsing the video. It should work. " Make sure You restart updatevidecach + apache + squid (DOnt repeat my mistake

until admin is free he might guide you if this didnt work for u

cachevideo fan

by Khaled on 21 Jul 2009

Thannkkksss Gell , its working now !

by GELL on 21 Jul 2009

all rite Khaled glad hearing this

Enjoy the world of cachevideo cheers!!!!!!!!