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VideoCache Not Working

by mynullvoid on 18 Sep 2009

I installed the new VideoCache, and notice that there is a problem getting it working.

I am using Apache, Squid, Dansguardian and Adzapper.

At first I can see lines using in my videocache.log file:

2009-09-18 12:37:11,244 2609 - REQUEST -

I had to change my dansguardian proxyip = into my machine IP, now I can see logs of my machine IP

But still problem:

2009-09-18 12:21:41,079 2664 -xEzGIuY7kw DOWNLOAD_ERR YOUTUBE An error occured while retrieving the video.

1 Answers

by Anonymous on 5 Nov 2010

please paste your conf squid , yours squid must be open port 9100 and acl not deny