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Videocache Renovation

by Kulbir Saini on 14 Aug 2009

We are trying to renovate videocache by redesigning the entire system. The first step towards renovation is our latest blog post. You can provide your suggestions for the redesign by replying in this thread.

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2 Answers

by Pol on 4 Jan 2010 support?



by moon on 1 Feb 2010

This is moon I recently started using video cache and result is 60% some time I seen video loaded from cache as in log file on the ip I am using but its work like as new clip any way normally its fine great efforts really nice work.

well I would like to suggest if you are doing work on the web interface then the best web interface is endian firewall community UTM, and I think if you add the squid configuration will be more useful. Monitoring for bandwidth I found smoothwall and pfsense giving SVG graphs and nice monitoring solution in community. You might take some idea and help to develop web interface from pfsense and endian.

2nd big issue is DSL Load Balance I really want you batter introduce a complete solution like load balance cache server with multiple service providers because if squid use as round robin proxy for multiple parent proxy it will boost the cache process. Think about to add load balance option if your interface have squid and network configuration may be I will help you to give an idea how you can use round robin gateway with silent auto failover through some scripts later. Thanks. Best Regards.