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videocache, squid-3.1.9

by Anonymous on 2 Nov 2010

I've got things seemingly working. However, I visited several youtube videos, it seems that no videos are caching. I've set the video download threshold to be 1.

The videocache log does seem to contain many things, only the reloaded piece. There are completely nothing new under /var/spool/videocache.

I've done update-vc already.

Squid did not crash or anything.

videocache config (1.9.6)

squid config (3.1.9)

1 Answers

by Kulbir Saini on 12 Nov 2010

Hi Anon,

Please mention the Operating System and Squid version you are using. Also, are there any errors in videocache.log file? Please paste your log file so that I can inspect it.

Thank You!