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videocache System / Hardware Requirments

by Anonymous on 12 Jun 2009

HI Admin,

I have Some query regarding to the performance videocache addon for squid.

what are the System / Hardware Requirments for online 1000 online users if is use videocache with squid on same box for streaming web sites only like youtube porntube etc etc ...???

Can I use it with squid v3?

Thanks in Advance.


3 Answers

by Kulbir Saini on 29 Jun 2009


I think only concern should be HDD. You can start with a 500GB disk and keep adding as you go on. Videocache has the flexibility to add as many disks as you want on the fly :)

Thank You!

by Anonymous on 21 Jul 2009

Thanks for the reply well what about the RAM capacity well i think we need 16 GB ram for each 500 GB HDD

Can I use it with squid v3?

Thanks in Advance.

by sph984 on 19 Aug 2009

I've tried it with Ubuntu 9.04/Python2.6/Squid3.

I was able to get past all the common problems, but then failed with errors in the python scripts trying to find non existant files (in the /etc/squid directory - i.e. not squid3).

I gave up and went back to squid2, as there are no features that I need from squid3.