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VideoCache + WebFilter (Websense)

by adubb on 4 Feb 2009

We currently have a web filter using url_rewrite to run in the squid.conf . Is it possible to run 2 url_rewrite setups in one conf file? It seems to crash our filter when we use both, But either or will work if used alone

Anyone experience or successfully attempt this?

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by bellera on 4 Feb 2009


Read "Install with SquidGuard + AdZapper + FreeBSD" at VIDEOCACHE HACKS section.

It is similar to your case. Many redirectors for squid ...


Josep Pujadas

Edit by admin : Linked to the article :)

by Kulbir Saini on 4 Feb 2009

Thanks Josep for helping out on forums :)

by adubb on 4 Feb 2009

We currently are using ""

The problem is this executes our WebFilter, however when it tries to load the VideoCache Python script, it fails

/downloads/ unexpected EOF from [/usr/bin/python /usr/share/videocache/] at /downloads/ line 62.

Any Ideas?

by bellera on 5 Feb 2009


Did you try to use only videocache as squid redirector?


Josep Pujadas

by adubb on 5 Feb 2009

Video cache works okay on its own (No Redirector)

With this script, Alone, it doesn't work with the redirector.

Our Filter, however,does work with the redirector.

It spits out that error I posted

Its strange :(

by bellera on 6 Feb 2009


I'm sorry. I don't understand you answer.

Did you try squid with videocache? Without zapchain (and without WebSense)?

Only videocache (as redirector) at url_rewrite_program tag.


Josep Pujadas

by aanbudi on 19 Feb 2009

i found the same problem with bannerfilter+videocache+zapchain.

so i stick in version 1.6 without any problem. Still waiting for the next version release

by Kulbir Saini on 19 Feb 2009


I think its not a problem with videocache as other users are using it successfully without any problems.

Thank You!

by mynullvoid on 1 Jul 2009

I got problem where I cannot use adzapper and videocache side by side even I had tried many ways.