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Videos not serving from the cache

by raytaylor on 1 Aug 2011


I have just transfered my ubuntu videocache hard drive which was working fine, into a new vmware virtual machine, and am having problems with serving cached videos.

It seems some videos get served from the cache via the apache server, but new ones dont.

I can see once a video's threshold is hit, it downloads and saves the video, but when the video is played on the youtube website, it says
"an error occured, please try again later"

I have checked that the client browser can access the video using the url that is being provided

Here is some of the video cache log below showing its working.
If I open up a web browser on a client machine, and use the first part of the url such as

With the above URL firefox asks to save the file and it does so from the cache without a problem. However if i try to play that video inside the youtube website, it doesnt work. It just says
"An error occured, please try again later"

Various other posts suggest to look at the cache_host option in the videocache config file, which is set to - the correct address of the apache server.

These videos play perfectly fine until they are cached, and then they stop playing in the browser.

02/Aug/2011:02:50:38 2559 INFO YOUTUBE CACHE_HIT 4fdc8670a958022c Video was served from cache using the URL 302:,expire,ip,ipbits,itag,algorithm,burst,factor,oc:U0hQR1JOUF9FSkNOMF9KSFRF&fexp=909319,912602,913510&algorithm=throttle-factor&burst=40&ip= -
02/Aug/2011:02:50:38 2559 INFO YOUTUBE URL_HIT T9yGcKlYAiw -
02/Aug/2011:02:50:38 2559 INFO YOUTUBE CACHE_HIT T9yGcKlYAiw Video was served from cache using the URL 302: -

Does anyone have any ideas?

2 Answers

by Kulbir Saini on 1 Aug 2011

Hi Ray,

It's a known issue because of a recent Youtube API change. Can you please contact me via email to get the latest fix?

Thank You!

by Fernando on 10 Aug 2011


I got this error:

09/Aug/2011:21:10:25 22139 INFO - - VIDEOS_RECEIVED - Received 1 videos from Videocache. -
09/Aug/2011:21:10:28 22139 INFO YOUTUBE CACHE_THREAD_START -lOCzEoJ_-M Starting cache thread. -
09/Aug/2011:21:10:30 22139 ERROR YOUTUBE VIDEO_URL_ERR -lOCzEoJ_-M Could not determine video URL. -
09/Aug/2011:21:10:33 22139 INFO - - CACHE_THREAD_REMOVE -lOCzEoJ_-M Cache thread completed. Removing from active list. -

You just sent me and can not caching youtueb videos.

Please help me